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3 Major Dental Concerns and Their Treatments

Majority of the people have some kind of dental problem which remain stuck with them for as long as they stay away from dentists. Some people think, the problem will go away with the passage of time. Some of them don't pay attention to gums and plaques, thinking that they're doing what a professional dentist can do. In reality, the longer you ignore your dental problem, the more difficult it will become to be removed. In fact, teeth problems multiply with time affecting other teeth in the process. So, the best way to deal with dental issues is to visit your dentist regularly. Here are some major concerns and there treatments.
1. Sensitivity
Sensitive teeth is a common dental issue in which you wince when your teeth become highly sensitive to hot or cold food. There are several reasons sensitivity, including:
" fractured teeth
" tooth decay (cavities)
" gum disease
" worn fillings
" exposed tooth root
" worn tooth enamel
If you have this issue, dentist clinics Toronto can treat your pain in the best way possible.
Your Toronto dentist may suggest using desensitizing toothpaste or apply alternative treatment depending upon the nature and severity of tooth sensitivity. The key to prevent sensitive tooth pain is proper oral hygiene. You should consult your dental hygienist regarding daily oral care.
2. Gum Disease
Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. It is the only phase that can be reversed. If remain untreated, gingivitis may cause to a serious problems by forming gum known as periodontitis. However, it is also possible that you can get gum disease without warning signs. This is the reason why regular dental checkups and periodontal examinations are recommended.
Different treatments are available, depending upon the type of disease and their criticality. If you have a good oral hygiene at home you can keep periodontal disease within controllable limits. These include:
" Brushing twice a day,
" Cleaning between teeth (or flossing) on daily basis,
" Taking balanced diet,
" Visiting dentist clinic Toronto regularly
3. Missing Teeth
For your information, an average adult aged between 20 and 64 has three or more missing or decayed teeth? Imagine yourself with missing teeth. Would you not correct the problem? There are some reasons to do that.
" Speaking issues: A large space between your teeth may affect how you speak or eat.
" Chewing issue: Even if it's not noticeable, a missing tooth can affect the way you chew your food.
" Teeth shift and Bone Loss: Teeth around the missing tooth may shift. Furthermore, bone loss can occur around a missing tooth.
But expert dentists in Toronto deploy advanced methods to make sure you don't suffer enough. These are your options in case of missing teeth: " Bridges: Your dentist may use bridges anchored to your adjacent teeth. It depends upon your oral condition and dentist's advice whether you should have removable or fixed bridges.
" Dentures: If you've become old enough to lose most of your teeth, you can go for dentures.
" Implants: You are likely to have a similar-to-normal tooth in place of missing tooth.