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10 Cheap Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Extravagant

Do you know what bothers housewives more than anything else (let's not talk about those beauty tips)? Any housewife can guess it in seconds (no, it's not about your kids!)? It's your kitchen! Remember, how many times you told your husband to change that cabinet door, just because its color faded? What about the kitchen countertop with all those scratches and knife cuts? Would you take your friend inside the kitchen with all those odd looks? No Way!
You must have discussed it with your husband and had told him that granite countertops calgary offer best value, but he's too busy to do anything. Why don't you take the matters in your own hand and show him, you're capable of renovating your kitchen on your own? At least, you can feel proud in front of your friends and relatives with that ravishing granite countertop Calgary you've recently installed.
In fact, you can make an entire kitchen look modern and extravagant with these simple kitchen ideas:
1. Update kitchen hardware
Hardware completely changes your kitchen's outlook. You can make small changes in your cabinets by replacing old drawers and door knobs with new ones. That may be a small change, but it will give a unique look to your kitchen.
2. Use lighter colors
Brighten up your kitchen space with light colors on the walls. That would expose your hardware more if it has dark color. Bright colored walls give make your kitchen look larger, and expensive. Plus, by putting light colors, you'll also hide majority of scratches and stains.
3. Replace cabinet doors
Cabinet doors can be replaced and they wouldn't cost you that much. But they will certainly add preciousness and uniqueness to your kitchen. You can give your old Calgary quartz countertop with just a few door changes. That's easy!
4. Change lights
Accessories such as chandeliers and pendents add value to the kitchen and give it an expensive look. Even if your kitchen setting hasn't space for these items, you can install new lighting to brighten up the kitchen space.
5. Add artwork
You can elevate your kitchen's looks with the help of artwork on cabinets, doors and walls. Don't hesitate to go bold and big.
6. Paint appliances
If you have no stainless steel appliances, use a color with stainless steel finish to paint them. Make sure you chose high quality paint for your appliances that sticks and remains for long.
7. Window dressing
Dress up kitchen windows (if you have). Don't leave bare windows, because they devalue your kitchen.
8. Style the breakfast spot
If you have a breakfast spot within or just next to the kitchen, you can add throw pillows and fresh flowers to add value into the place.
9. Replace old decoration
You can change your old fruit bowl with a new tray or bowl. Similarly, you can change other decorative elements and improve the looks.
10. Reduce clutter
Hide all the small appliances, because they bring down a space. Keep your kitchen countertops clear and this way, you can add more space to the kitchen.